Councilmember Paul Koretz Committees

Councilmember Paul Koretz Committees

Councilmember Koretz

Chair, Personnel & Animal Welfare (PAW):

As Chair, Councilmember Koretz oversees policies and matters pertaining to the Employee Relations Board, the Personnel Department, Employee Relations, and Animal Services including wages, hours, and working conditions in addition to regulation of animals.

Vice-Chair, Housing:

In this committee, the Councilmember helps to oversee matters pertaining to homelessness, code enforcement of existing homes, community development programs by working with the Housing and Community Investment Department, the Housing Authority, the Housing Appeal Board, and the Los Angeles Housing Services Authority.

Vice-Chair, Transportation:

As the Vice-Chair, Councilmember Koretz works with the Transportation Department, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority on a number of policies and matters including public transportation, traffic, parking enforcement, traffic signalization and control.

Energy & Environment, Member:

As a member of the Energy & Environment Committee, the Councilmember has introduced legislation to help Los Angeles become more sustainable and resilient. The committee manages the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and LA Sanitation on various matters including fees, rates, tariffs, recycling, sanitation systems, energy, water supply, water conservation, and environmental impacts of proposed Council actions.

Arts, Parks & River, Member:

The Committee hears from a number of departments such as Cultural Affairs, Library, Recreation and Parks, Zoo and more on matters such as mental health, youth development, health, arts funding, cultural tourism, and recreation around the L.A. River.

Executive Employee Relations Committee (EERC), Member

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